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I am so proud to be the Headetacher of this unique 'Good' community school (OFSTED 2018). We hope that you will get a real flavour of life in our school from reading about all the achievements of the children and seeing what happens in our school on a regular basis. We are proud of the wonderful achievements of our pupils, but this is not what defines the children at our school. Read MoreFollow us

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Monday 15th July at 1pm - The Cube visit in the village for 100% attendance.

Monday 15th July - End of year reports given out to all year groups at 3:30pm.

Tuesday 16th July - Parents Evening (if required) starting at 3pm.

Wednesday 17th July - Nursery/Reception and Years 1-4 end of year disco (with DJ). Includes drinks and snacks for a £5 contribution on Parent Pay. 3:30 - 5pm.

Thursday 18th July - party morning, non-uniform for all year groups.

Thursday 18th July - Year 6 Leavers assembly for parents to attend at 2pm.

Thursday 18th July - Year 5/6 end of year disco with DJ. Includes drinks and snacks for a £5 contribution on Parent Pay. 3:30 - 5:30pm.

Friday 19th July - 9am assembly. Parents welcome.

Friday 19th July - Break up at 2pm for the summer holidays. Children may be collected from 1:30pm and must be collected no later than 2pm. No after-school club available on this date – sorry for any inconvenience.



  • "This is a happy school. Staff enjoy working here and pupils love learning. Personal development and welfare are OUTSTANDING. Pupils have excellent attitudes to learning an show great care and respect for each other and the adults who teach them" OFSTED 2018
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