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Year 6 Teaching and Learning Showcase

January 2021

Everyday during January, edstart have provided a task for the children to complete known as The edstart Daily Challenge where children have taken part and competed against themselves.

We have been using The Secret of Black Rock to create our own version by chunking sections and focusing on key aspects whilst deepening the moment.

Children are back at home but it hasn't stopped some extraordinary effort by some of our passionate pupils! As part of history, the children informed that they would like to know more about some key famous figures during our World War 2 topic. As we started at the beginning of the war and have learnt about Winston Churchill through discussion, chronologically it makes sense to evidence Neville Chamberlain where the children created a chronological report about him.

December 2020

ProStrike entered the building and our pupils entered the challenge by kicking the ball as hard as they can to measure their shooting speed. They were amazing sportspersons and collecting over £1000 towards the cause. Outstanding! Below is one of our Y6 pupils hitting at a staggering 36mph.

With Mr Martin at the reigns Y6 were able to bring a bit of joy and Brazilian soul into Bowness with their Samba. Click on the image below to see how Bowness practise a parade.

As the weeks go by these active individuals have been able to complete the Walk to School challenge run by Living Streets and respectfully received their badges as a dedication towards the cause.

As a completion of Bikeability, here are some of our Y6 receiving their Level 2 training badges from Bolton Council. 

November 2020

A pledge was signed, as part of The FA, earlier in the year to allow equal opportunities for girls in football. During a morning break, it was evident that our girls are well on board with this pledge.

Three of our girls took part in the Young Writers competition and were able to meet the cut and are now officially authors having their work published in Brain Swap.

For two whole days the whole of Y6 were on two wheels whilst taking part in Bikeability led by Bolton Council. Beginning in the school grounds and making their way to the open roads they were able to show their learning and skills practically earning their Bikeability level 1 and level 2 awards with some hoping to achieve their level 3 badge in the near future.

October 2020

Independently writing their first person adventure story about being lost in the Amazon Rainforest based on their planning from The Explorer.

Continuing with their fitness regime, Y6 have been working on agility and speed to improve their athletic capabilities.

In Science, we have recapped on the skeletal system, respiratory system and the digestive system. This term we have focused on the circulatory system and opened up an ox heart to see how it works.

September 2020

Looking into healthy living and wellbeing, Y6 had to put food choices into some order of their own where they created they ended up creating a healthy food pyramid without realising.

Our writing has been focused on Disney's 'Feast' where we have been adapting the plots to create our own story.

Our amazing writers who had partaken in the Young Writers competition 'Mind Swap' and are to be published authors!

By working on their explosive power, Y6 have managed to practise the technique and check their distances for a standing long jump.