Writing Showcase

Every Child a Writer

At Bowness Primary School, we encourage children to write in creative and imaginative ways, developing confidence and independence alongside a love of words. Children should experience a range of purposes and forms of writing and they will be supported in the exploration of a range of genres. Our Writing Curriculum is delivered in accordance with the National Curriculum Framework. The Early learning Goals are followed to ensure continuity and progression from the Foundation Stage through to the National Curriculum.


Year 3 & 4 

Year 3/4 children have really enjoyed writing non chronological reports about animals. They have developed sentence structure skills and really understood the use of subheadings. The Zoolab visit really helped us develop our knowledge of animals and their habitats.




Please see some of Year 6 work below, we are very proud of their progress.

Some of our children's fabulous writing relating to the film Wonder.



These boys were so proud of their achievements today!! so much progress in writing.

We have been seeing some very positive feedback some of our pupils writing!!

Some of our Year 6 pupils had their writing published in this book, were are very proud of them.


Here are some examples of our fantastic writing abut Tabula Rasa.


Some fantastic example of writing improvements....practice makes perfect. 

Year 5 - identifying features of a newspaper and explaining their purpose! some wonderful pieces of work produced. - February 2018


Our Year 6 pupils have produced some fantastic pieces of writing! - January 2018


Using Phonetic skills to encode different words

Perfect presentation is key

Cross-curricular writing- Year 5 writing about what it's like to be a Refugee

Well done Brandon, very proud!

Brandon's work

Literacy with Mrs Unsworth

Mrs Unsworth's literacy lesson


Proud pupils receive their pen licence, well done!

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