Bowness Community Primary School

Primary Leadership Team 


October 2018

This year Mrs Buckley and the Primary Leadership team are planning to work hard to improve our school. In the below picture Mrs Buckley and Wendy are supporting our pupils with their agenda items.


Miss Hupton and the Primary Leadership Team are keen to improve our school. We plan to organise events such as Children In Need, Librarians and improve the jobs for prefects. We also plan to improve the lunches for our children by finding out what pupils think. It is important for us to take a lead in our school and be a positive part of pupil voice. We represent the children of Bowness. 

The Primary Leadership team have chosen some Golden Rules for Bowness. These rules are:

Be honest

Use our manners

Respect others

Behave sensibly

Be resilient 

and most importantly....SMILE!


Our Primary Leadership Team is led by Miss Hupton