Safeguarding / Child Protection

Safeguarding and Child Protection are everyone's responsibility.  However, Mrs Unsworth (Designated Safeguarding Lead) and Mr Evans (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead) are the assigned members of staff if anyone has a concern regarding any child.




Child protection is central and vital to everything that we do here at Bowness.

Here are some links to our key policies and resources that we use to keep all members of school aware of how to keep children safe.


Child Protection Policy 2018/19

Safeguarding Children Induction Bowness 2018/19

Safeguarding and Child protection Summary for Parents Policy 2018/19

New Child Policy 2017/18

Anti-Bullying Policy

Fire & Emergency Policy 2017/18


Dealing with concerns about a child 2017/18

Transgender Policy 2018/19

Sexting Policy 2018/19

Reasonable Force Policy 2018/19

First Aid Policy 2018/19

Getting Changed for PE Policy 2018/19

Safer Recruitment Policy 2018/19

Bolton Council Leaflet "Helping to Keep Your Child Safe"

NHS Leaflet - Female Genital Mutilation

Bolton Council - The First 5 Minutes

Bolton Council Leaflet - Addressing Poor Attendance in Schools