What an amazing start to our Early Years journey we have had!

Our topic this half term has been All About Me. This has allowed the staff to really get to know each child on an individual basis.  We have been recognising numbers of personal significance and been writing our name, trying to hold that pencil correctly, and form our letters with accuracy.

We have discussed the similarities and differences between our home life situations, our pets, our skin colour and  we have all come to the conclusion that being different makes us unique and something to be proud of.  We want to be friends with people who are kind, loving, who will share their toys and who will help us when we struggle or fall So regardless of our differences, if you can be any of these things then we, the Bowness family, welcome you into our class.

We are playing, exploring, creating and being active every single day. Our environment is filled with opportunities to ensure our children can chose how they learn rather than what they learn.  As teachers, we are lucky enough to be able to capture what they learn through discrete observations. 

A message from Miss Jones, Early Years Lead.

I am extremely proud of how our children have settled in.  We get smiles in the morning, we have positive attitudes to learning, we have resilience and a can do attitude and we have children who want to help their peers. Nursery and Reception you amaze me everyday. Continue to Aim High. This is the start to your very successful education and Miss Smith, Miss Begg and I are already enjoying watching you grow. It's going to be a fabulous year.