Reading Showcase

Every Child a Reader

The ability to read is fundamental to pupils’ development as independent learners. In order to read across the curriculum with fluency, accuracy, understanding and enjoyment pupils need to be skilled in word recognition and comprehension’. Reading development is linked to that of writing, speaking and listening and at Bowness Primary we strive to ensure that 'every child is a reader'.

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November 2019 

It is great to hear authors on twitter who get involved in raising the profile of Reading and Writing here at Bowness. Below you can see Onjali Rauf tweeting Year 5 about their fantastic writing skills as well as their creating the bags for The boy at the back of the classroom.


September 2019

Why read? Why now?

Reading has never been so important for children. The importance of communication is crucial for the ever-expanding world we live in today. Children in Y3/4/5 enjoyed reading with Mrs Unsworth today as well as with their reading buddies. We all had a different focus: vocabulary, inference, retrieve or summarise. It is crucial that we continue to read with our children. #everychildareader #communication #cruciallifeskill #schoolpriority



This is very exciting, the world book day books have been finalised. This is what World Book Day is about... promoting the love of reading. These titles certainly support that. Looking forward to the 5th March even more now. #everychildareader 


Reading Challenge!



Year 1 applying their knowledge of phonics to words and sentences.



October 2018

Thank you to those who came to our EYFS/KS1 Phonices workshop. Well done to all the children for showing the adults how great you are!#

October 2018

The reading train was such a success at lunchtime :-)



September 2018

The reading competition is going really well at school - we are so proud of the children and the high standard of book reviews completed....We need to get the badges ready!

September 2018

Year 3 and 4 are starting to read this book in literacy - exciting vocabulary coming from this we think! This Nan clearly had a positive mindset.

September 2018

Our Year 1 children enjoyed their trip to our local library, they were excited to choose new books to take home and share with their family.


September 2018

Excellent support at our reading workshop - working together to create life long learners.


September 2018

Parent reading workshop this coming Thursday (13/9/2018) at 3:30 pm. You will be able to see all the different strategies and resources we use to enhance knowledge and understanding of vocabulary and comprehension skills - We hope to see you there!!


We love a great book! Some of our pupils have brought in pictures of them doing a spot of reading at home! 

Our numbers are increasing in book club....New book time. 


Our pupils enjoy reading across the curriculum.

Our children have been doing some fantastic reading around school.





The 100 Book Challenge


Our Lighthouse Reading Room encourages our children to read in a relaxed atmosphere

Practising our reading comprehension across school



Reading with others helps our understanding of the written word

Reading Showcase - Year 4


Year 6 enjoying picture books with Mrs UnsworthY6 Picture Books

Concentration is key

Bowness pupils reading

Bowness pupils reading

Bowness pupils reading

Reading in Mrs Unsworth's office at lunchtime...

Pupil's reading in Mrs Unsworth's office at lunchtime

Pupils reading in Mrs Unsworth's office