Extra Curricular Clubs

We offer a wide range of exciting clubs for our pupils at Bowness, we do this to enrich our school curriculum with the aim to provide cultural, social and physical opportunities alongside those that they learn during school hours. In doing this we aim for an effective syllabus with the aim that these experiences enable our children to achieve highly and that they then are equipped with the skills to take full advantage of opportunities, learning of new skills and responsibilities in their later lives. 

Music and Performing Arts

There is a strong music tradition here at Bowness. Instrumental lessons, organised in conjunction with Alfa Music Service, are offered on percussion and string instruments.  The school choirs practise weekly and perform on a regular basis. Major musical events are undertaken periodically and children of all ages take part in the annual shows and concerts.

Sports, School Clubs and Teams

A wide range of sporting and non-sporting clubs are always available throughout the year such as: football, rounders, cricket, netball, cross country, reading, IT, cooking, craft & games. If there is an interest in it, we’ll run a club! We also have school teams in most of the sports we offer which compete on local levels.

Residential Visits and Other Events

Every alternate year, children from all upper KS2 classes have the opportunity to go on an outward bounds holiday to Claddagh Hall, Wales. We also have a comprehensive calendar of exciting events, trips and visits; all of which make memories that last a lifetime for our children.

After School Sports

At Bowness we are committed to providing a wide range of sporting experiences for pupils, from Reception to Year 6. Pupils have the opportunity to take part in a wide range of sports during their time with us, both in curriculum and non-curriculum time. We run a range of extra-curricular clubs through the school year including: Football, Netball, Rounders, Cricket and Cross Country. In addition, we have outside agencies providing extra-curricular clubs including: EdStart.

Mr Hogg

Specialist Sports Coach

Mr Martin

Specialist Music Teacher 


Extra-Curricular Clubs


Construction Club


This club is an opportunity for pupils to build Lego and Knex constructions using both physical resources available to them and software on the computer. Pupils are able to develop teamwork skills through working in small groups to complete construction projects and are able to utilise their problem solving skills.


Science Club


Science Club will introduce children to the marvels of science, through fun and imaginative experiments. This year we are launching our Crest Awards, this means that Children will receive a passport and complete eight challenges to gain an Award. CREST is a scheme that inspires young people to think and behave like scientists and engineers.


Art and Crafts Club


Art club is specifically for year 1 & 2 pupils, allowing them to explore different materials indoors and outdoors and provides them with the opportunity to create their own artwork. Each week children will be inspired by famous artists to help them create their own pieces of work. Pupils will experience different materials such as paint, oil, pastels, chalk, pencils, water paints and natural resources.  Get ready to get creative!


Wellbeing Wednesday Club


Wellbeing Club is a fun and exciting club that allows children to explore games whilst promoting wellbeing, resilience and team building skills. A lot of the activities will be child-initiated with the children planning activities that support wellbeing.


Football Club


This club will consist of drills and game scenarios to develop an understanding of football, as well as the skills that make up the sport. The club will be played outdoors whenever possible but may be played indoors depending on the weather. Please ensure appropriate footwear is worn during the club.


Multi Skills Club


Multi-skills is a club that provides children with the opportunity to learn about a range of different sports and basic skills. Sports included are football, netball and basketball. Each week will focus on a different sport and the skills within it. This club will provide a fun an exciting introduction to sport, as well as aiding the physical development of children.


KS1 Dance Club


Dance is a fun and exciting form of exercise and a great way to keep fit. The session will begin with a warm-up which helps to improve fitness and stamina. The dance class is taught a dance routine that they build upon over a number of weeks. This helps to develop co-ordination, technique, performance skills and the capacity for movement memory.  These routines will be performed in assembly at the end of the term.


Chatterbook Club


The Chatterbook Club is aimed at children developing a love for reading. The children will broaden their reading by sharing texts, engaging in talk about books, and discussing their views and opinions. On top of that children may even enjoy the odd biscuit and cup of hot chocolate!


Bowness Choir


Our choir is a fantastic group led by Mr. Martin. They have a range of songs that they are capable of performing and are regularly performed at school events and in the local community. Be sure not to miss them if you get the chance!