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In accordance with The School Information (England) Regulations amended 2016:

Name of school: Bowness Primary School
  Unique Reference Number (URN): 142030
Postcode:   BL3 1BT
Telephone: 01204 333140
Main public Contact: Mrs Amanda Peet
Accounts: Accounts
Admission Arrangements: Bolton admission arrangements
Pupil Selection: The school follows Bolton LA policy and does not apply any other selection criteria
Oversubscription Criteria: Bolton appeal arrangements
Parent Applications: Bolton admission forms 
Ofsted Reports: Bowness OFSTED Feedback
KS2 Results: DfE School Performance website
KS2 Results 2017/18:  KS2 Comparative Report
School Performance  DFE School Performance Tables Website
Curriculum Policy
Curriculum EYFS:
Curriculum Y1-6:
Approach to Reading
Anti-Bullying Policy: 
Pupil Premium 2018-2019 PP Allocation & Impact
Pupil Premium 2019-2020
Sports Focus 2017-2018 Sport Focus 2017/18
Sports Focus 2018- 2019 Sport Focus 2018/19
Sports Impact 2018-2019 Sports Impact 2018-2019
Sports Focus 2019-2020
SENCO:  Mrs K Forster
SENCO Email Contact: 
SEN Report: SEN Report 2018
SEN Policy:  SEN Policy 2018
Accessibility Policy and Plan: Accessibility Policy and Plan 2018/19
Charging and Remissions Policy: Charging and Remissions Policy 2018/19
Positive Behaviour Management Policy: Positive Behaviour Management Policy 2018/19
Exclusion:  Exclusion Guidance 2018/19
Child Protection and Safeguarding:  Child Protection & Safeguarding
Managing Medicines in School Managing Medicines in School Policy 2018/19
Vision and Ethos: Vision Statement
Governors published data: Meet The Governors
Privacy Policy:

School Privacy Notice 

Purchase Accounts Privacy Notice 

Sales Accounts Privacy Notice 

Trainee Teachers Privacy Notice 

Advertising & Marketing Privacy Notice 


Bowness Equality Policy 

Complaints Policy: MAT Complaints Policy
Information Management PMAT Data Protection Policy

If any parent wishes to request a copy of information provided on this website, it will be provided free of charge.