Numeracy Showcase

 Every Child a Numerate!

At Bowness we want our children to achieve fluency and depth in their learning, and to have the opportunity to apply new skills and knowledge in reasoning and problem solving activities.

We place a strong emphasis is placed on developing the children’s mental maths skills; children practise their mental maths daily and have weekly times table challenges.

November 2019

In Early Years we have been recognising, counting, writing and matching quantities to numerals. With our repeat, repeat, repeat approach we are ensuring children have a sound knowledge of these basic skills before moving on. 

As Early Years practitioners it is our job to ensure all children are ready for their next stage of education. 


September 2019  

On a Tuesday, Maths club has been a great success with Mr Hardie. The children have been developing resilience when tackling reasoning problems. We are very proud of them and will continue to use arithmetic and fluency skills to apply to reasoning problem. Never give up!

It was great to see the children exploring how to make 3x5 rectangles at tonights reasoning club and last week developing their reasoning skills to solve tricky sum and product grids.



From EYFS to Year 6 we work very hard in our Maths so we can develop reasoning and problem solving skills




 Year 3 busy playing times tables Zap to speed up their multiplication recall


Our displays inspire and inform Mathematical learning! We also love to display our fantastic Numeracy work.