Linked Learning (History and Geography) Showcase

At Bowness Primary School we believe that the Linked Learning Curriculum is a powerful tool that promotes a love of learning and willingness to explore and the time to have fun.  Our Link Learning Curriculum gives us the ability to connect interesting and important topics to core subjects in a positive and effective manner. We are proud to use the National Curriculum as a starting point for a wide and varied learning experience for our children. We enrich it by our strong ethos based on respect for ourselves and others, equality and a sense of wonder at the world we live in.  We are committed to developing the whole child.  Our children will have the opportunity to be creative, to be physically active and to be academically challenged. 

Please see the Linked Learning Curriculum for more information


Year 3/4 exploring and investigating in the Greek workshop:


Year 5 enjoying their link learning. It is impacting on their reading and writing skills positively. Well done! - January 2018

Year 5 learning about the Rohingya Refugee crisis


Year 6's Indian Classroom

Year 5 take a journey back in time to the Anglo Saxon age

Year 5 exploring a variety of foods

Linked LearningLinked Learning


Linked LearningLinked Learning


 Linked Learning