Home learning 

As a school, it is our duty to ensure that we are still providing an education to those pupils who cannot come into school for reasons surrounding COVID- 19. When considering how we can best support our pupils, we have looked at improving our existing offer and have used the feedback from parents and stakeholders to inform our decisions. 

If a bubble has to isolate teachers will upload work onto Seesaw the day after the isolation begins so that school can notify parents and the y can prepare to join the Zoom sessions delivered by teachers. 

Nursery and Reception

Pupils in EYFS will have contact with their teacher at 9:15am to take part in a teaching session, either maths or phonics. Pupils will be directed to activities that will be a range of practical learning, online games and paper based activities. At 11:30am the pupils will join the teacher for story time and songs. 

Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

Teachers will, through Zoom, contact their bubble at 9:15am to talk through the day's work with the children. this work will be accessible through Seesaw. Teachers will be available on Zoom to discuss any difficulties and to support pupils throughout the morning. During the afternoon there will be another subject set for pupils to work on i.e. Geography, History or Art, an afternoon zoom session will be organised by teachers. Teachers will mark and respond to work throughout the morning and afternoon that is uploaded onto Seesaw. There will also be a class social event each Thursday afternoon so that children can socialise with their friends.  Teachers will work during school hours only and will not be contactable out of hours. 


We understand that some families do not have access to devices or may struggle as they have several children but may share devices. These pupils will be offered paper work packs and also may access Seesaw at convenient times to the family. Families who need devices and completed the ICT survey will be provided with a school device to support remote learning.

Zoom Agreement


To supplement live lessons, teachers will also be planning and sending home tasks on a variety of platforms through Seesaw, listed below;