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If you would like to see a list of Bowness Local Governors please click here. 

Bowness Local Governing Board

In this section you can find out all about how our Governance is structured for Bowness. The Local Governing Body of Bowness Primary School meets three times a year. 

Bowness is part of Prestolee Multi Academy Trust since Decemeber 2015. If you would like to view Prestolee Multi Academy Trust Governing Body please click here 

Please click here to view Prestolee Multi Academy Trust Scheme of Delegation. 

Governance is a rapidly changing and responsive part of our School Trust.  It is integral to the success of the Trust and the School.

Categories of Governor

Parent Governors:

If you are a parent of a pupil(s) at the school or the primary carer, you can stand for election as one of the Parent Governor positions, (once a Parent Governor post becomes vacant). If more than one parent expresses an interest in filling a vacancy, elections are held in which all parents can vote.

Co – opted Governors:
A Co – opted Governor is a person who in the opinion of the governing body, has the skills required to contribute to the effective governance and success of the school.

Staff Governor:
A member of staff paid to work at the school and elected by the staff.

A member of the Governing Body by virtue of their office. If the Headteacher elects not to be a Governor then his/her place cannot be taken by anyone else.

Current School Year Register of Business Interests and Attendance: 

Bowness Governor Register of Business Interests 2019-2020

Bowness Governor Attendance 2019-2020


Welcome letter from the Chair of Governors:
Andrew Gallimore

It is my great privilege to be Chair of the Governing Board at Bowness. I remember my first visit to the school, considering it for my own children, over 20 years ago. It was then and remains a very friendly place where children are valued, nurtured and educated as part of the Bowness Family.

Our school family is a partnership between school staff, parents, governors and of course our wonderful children. It is the role of the Governing Board to ensure that the school provides a first class education for every child in our care. We are responsible for monitoring and evaluating the performance and effectiveness of the school, for ensuring that the budget is managed prudently and for supporting our excellent Staff. Our school provides a broad, balanced curriculum aimed at developing the whole child and offering many enriching opportunities during their time at school. Bowness is now part of the Prestolee Multi-Academy Trust bringing increased capacity and collaboration to drive forward our determination to give all our children the best possible start in their educational life and help them to become confident, well rounded individuals.

Our Governing Board is made up of staff, community, local authority and parent governors, each bringing a wide range of knowledge and experience to the role. It is important that the voice of parents is represented and our parent governors provide this vital link.

The Governors are always keen to seek the views of parents, so please come and chat to us when you see us at school, in the playground or at any school function. All of our Governors are proud to be part of the Bowness Family and strive to ensure the best outcome for every child in our care. I hope that you and your children enjoy belonging to Bowness and experience the same love of learning and caring environment that my children enjoyed.

Andrew Gallimore

Chair of Governors - Bowness Primary


Previous School Years Register of Business Interests and Attendance: 

Bowness Governor Register of Business Interests 2018-19

Bowness Governor Attendance 2018-19

Bowness Governor Register of Business Interests 2017-18

Bowness Governor Attendance 2017-18

The Prestolee Trust Governing Bodies Meeting & Register of Business Interest 2016-17

The Prestolee Trust Governing Bodies Meeting & Register of Business Interest 2015-16