EAL/INA Showcase

In our school the teaching and learning achievements, attitudes and well-being of all our children are important  

We encourage all our children to achieve the highest possible standards.  We do this through taking account of each child’s life experiences and needs.

A number of our children have particular learning and assessment requirements, which are linked to their progress in learning English as an additional language.

Children who are learning English as an additional language have skills and knowledge about language similar to monolingual English-speaking children.  Their ability to participate in the full curriculum may be in advance of their communicative skills in English.

Being a speaker of more than one language is no disadvantage to educational achievement; indeed, multilingualism is associated with success. This school recognises the importance of community languages in their own right, and the ability of their speakers to acquire other languages.

Working as a team to decode words 





Celebrating our different cultures