Behaviour and Safety Showcase

Team Work Makes The Dream Work

The vision and ethos of Bowness Primary School is one where all children are taught the values of belonging, the importance of team work, collaboration, respect, motivation and determination, so that they strive to improve, have pride in all they do and achieve high academic standards.

Our school sets the highest expectations of the behaviour of all members of the school community in particular with regard to pupil behaviour. Politeness, good manners and courtesy are a priority in our school, with all members of the school community playing a key role.

We firmly believe that all children should have an equal opportunity to access the school curriculum, and strategies are in place to ensure that they are not prevented from doing so by their own, or others, behaviour.

We firmly believe that all children have attributes that are worthy of celebration and believe that all individuals behave better when they feel good about themselves. Our approach to behaviour and discipline, therefore, will focus on the positive, using positive language whenever possible and be inextricably linked to a whole school reward system.

Please see our Behaviour Policy for further information.


Bowness children started the year learning how to keep our bodies safe with the Life Education 

Our Marvellous Minds song reminds us to never give up and develops our positive mindset

When our behaviour is consistently good we receive Dojos which we spend at the Dojo shop