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Year 6 Learning - Mrs Clee

Welcome to Year 6's showcase, we work really hard and this is where we can show off our fantastic efforts. Please have a look at our Curriculum Overview to see what we are doing throughout the year.

Summer 2 - Topic Web

Summer 1 - Topic Web

Spring 2 Topic Web

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Autumn 2 Topic Web

We have had some fantastic Maths work produced by Year 6 recently. Year 6 application is really improving. Well Done !


Recognise, describe and build 3D shapes and nets. Our pupils were extremley focused throughout this session.

India focus- How are we all unique?

India is a country of mystery, colour and the most unique culture in the world. So it was a natural link to compare British culture to India. As a class, we have created our own radio station focusing on Indian weather, we have explored Hinduism and how it has a big impact on India's society (caste system), took part in Bollywood dance and Kabaddi, and wrote in Hindi.

Our Indian Classroom

Creating QR codes and our Indian Factfiles


Radio Showcase - Bengal Radio



Autumn 1- Topic Web

Titanic focus- How do we make sure we are a survivor?

This term we explored the catastrophic Titanic crash. We learnt all about the Titanic from it's size, passengers, music and how this accident could of been averted. We used our Maths skills to plot the co-ordinates of the Titanic's journey and our Art skills to create a picture of the Titanic using different mediums.

Enjoying our Writing 




Practising our symmetrical Art skills



Are we having a Giraffe?..... Year 6 enjoying the Life Van