Bowness Community Primary School

Year 5 Learning- Mrs Townson

Welcome to Year 5's showcase, we work really hard and this is where we can show off our fantastic efforts. Please have a look at our Curriculum Overview to see what we are doing throughout the year. 

Summer 1 - Topic Web

Spring 2 - Topic Web

Spring 1 - Topic Web

Autumn 2 - Topic Web

Lots of Art in Year 5 - Applying knowledge of the artist.


Fantastic work produced by our Year 5 pupils.

Wow...Amazing mind map skills, recalling and recording information on the Vikings.

Bowness celebrated Maths by dedicating a whole week to it. There was some brilliant work produced.


Why do people become Refugees?

It has been a very interesting and thought provoking topic this term. We have been learning about refugees and focusing on the Rohingya crisis in Myanmar. Every Wednesday, we have transformed the hall into a refugee camp and really felt what it is like to be a refugee. Also we have learnt all about the U.N and their mascot Paddington Bear. It has been a fantastic topic!



 Autumn 1 - Topic Web

Anglo-Saxons- Why settle at Sutton Hoo?

We a lot to thank the Anglo Saxons for, from creating the English language to setting up settlements that we still have today. This topic gave us the ability to explore a variety of subjects through this incredible civilisation. Over this term we created poetry and translated into early Anglo Saxon Runes, we made Anglo Saxon jewellery, we researched key events and created a piece music inspired by an Anglo Saxon Warrior. 

Our Anglo Saxon Classroom



Researching key events