Bowness Community Primary School

Year 4 Learning- Mr Evans

Welcome to Year 4's showcase, we work really hard and this is where we can show off our fantastic efforts. Please have a look at our Curriculum Overview to see what we are doing throughout the year.

Summer 2 - Topic Web

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Autumn 2 - Topic Web

Year 4 have produced some fantastic writing all about the history of toothbrushes and toothpaste.


As part of their topic Year 4 have been learning all about parts of the digestive system and there functions.


Year 4 had a fantastic time on their Roman Experience - Take a look at some of our photographs.

Chocolate – Where does it come from?

Every class is very jealous of Year 4 this term as they are focusing on Chocolate! We have used maps to locate the regions where coco grows, investigated how chocolate can change into different states and we also explored what fair trade is. 

Persuading Mr Evans to allow us eat the scrumptious chocolate


Autumn 1- Topic Web

How did the Ancient Greeks impact the world?

Ancient Greeks shaped the world we live in today with their incredible inventions, their huge empire and their influence on Art and Literature. This fascinating topic allowed the children to explore a civilisation that amazes at every turn. We learnt about the Olympics, the different feuding states, comparing ancient and modern day Greece and we even showed what we had learnt in our class assembly.

Enjoying the Lighthouse Room


Researching the Ancient Greeks


Having fun learning about place value



Training for our Olympics