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Year 3 Learning- Miss Hupton

Welcome to Year 3's showcase, we work really hard and this is where we can show off our fantastic efforts. Please have a look at our Curriculum Overview to see what we are doing throughout the year. 

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Mrs Hupton has expressed how proud she is of her pupils work and who can blame her...take a look at some of their work below.

Our pupils in Year 3 have been inspired by the artist Kandinsky, here are some examples of their work.


Year 3 have produced some amazing work whilst exploring nutrition and healthy diets.


Year 3 tried very hard and produced a fantastic assembly. Thank you to those who could make it and joined in with our lessons.


Our Year 3 pupils enjoyed Maths day.

Can you trust the Robots?


Stepping into the future, this term we discovered how robots are transforming the world we live in. From learning about how they communicate to exploring how technology differs in different countries. We even practised our robot dance moves.



Autumn 1- Topic Web

What was it like for Early Mankind?

Year 3 took a huge journey back in time to the Stoneage this term. We created our own Stoneage jewellery, looked at different types of rocks and created some fantastic writing on what it was like to live in the Stoneage.  

Stoneage jewellery making




 Reading in our lovely Lighthouse Room 


Year 3....... Smile


Our Stoneage display

Year 3 Showcase