Bowness Community Primary School

Year 1 & 2 Learning- Miss Jones 

Welcome to Year 1/2's showcase, we work really hard and this is where we can show off our fantastic efforts. Please have a look at our Curriculum Overview to see what we are doing throughout the year. 

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Today Year 1 and 2 have created art work using forces.They established lots of forces they could use to change the shape of objects. From this they rolled (pushed) marbles through paint to create their masterpieces. 


Year 1 and 2 had a FANTASTIC afternoon with Leonie Roberts, the Author of the colourful Chameleon. They enjoyed an inspirational assembly followed by a great writing workshop! Have a look at some of our writing below.

Year 1 have been using their knowledge of designing to create some delicious bread rolls.

Year 1 have been enjoying the book Handa's Surprise, they had a food tasting session using all the fruits listed in the book.

How do you put out fire?

We have had a great term learning about the Great Fire of London, Fire Safety and we had a special visit Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service. We have also carried on with focusing on reading. We have read a variety of books, as a class, including classics like A Very Hungry Caterpillar, Three Little Pigs, Gingerbread Man and The Gruffalo. 




Autumn 1- Topic Web

Why would the Lonely Beast visit Little Lever?

This term we explored our local area, Little Lever, so we would be able to attract the Lonely Beast to our town. We travelled back in time to see what Little Lever was like in the past and looked at how the town has changed. As a class, we searched for Mini Beasts in our environment so the Lonely Beast would have some friends. We also created art pieces of Moses Gate in the style of Monet.