Bowness Community Primary School

Reading Showcase

Every Child a Reader

The ability to read is fundamental to pupils’ development as independent learners. In order to read across the curriculum with fluency, accuracy, understanding and enjoyment pupils need to be skilled in word recognition and comprehension’. Reading development is linked to that of writing, speaking and listening and at Bowness Primary we strive to ensure that 'every child is a reader'.

We love a great book! Some of our pupils have brought in pictures of them doing a spot of reading at home! 

Our numbers are increasing in book club....New book time. 


Our pupils enjoy reading across the curriculum.

Our children have been doing some fantastic reading around school.





The 100 Book Challenge


Our Lighthouse Reading Room encourages our children to read in a relaxed atmosphere

Practising our reading comprehension across school



Reading with others helps our understanding of the written word

Reading Showcase - Year 4


Year 6 enjoying picture books with Mrs UnsworthY6 Picture Books

Concentration is key

Bowness pupils reading

Bowness pupils reading

Bowness pupils reading

Reading in Mrs Unsworth's office at lunchtime...

Pupil's reading in Mrs Unsworth's office at lunchtime

Pupils reading in Mrs Unsworth's office